Attitude Is Everything!

The triple jump is not easy.  In fact it is painful if you don’t do it right.   The triple jump requires a lot of talent and a heap of bravery.  That is one reason I never made a full jump in practice and I never ask my jumpers to do a full jump in practice.  Without the adrenaline of competition your body will take a lot of punishment in the jump.  That is not to say that a short run jump is not appropriate for practice.

Similarly,  how a jumper approaches the jump is critical in the success that they will have in the triple jump.  For example, I have a daughter who was a good triple jumper.  She, however, felt too much pressure to be good because of my history.  No matter how much I wanted her to be her own person it was difficult to separate herself from her father.  On one occasion she was not doing very well in her competition and I saw her start to tighten up because I was there watching.  I thought I should leave to prevent her from the pressure.  On second thought I decided to try something that helped me in the past.  I went to her when she was starting to jump and asked her to smile.  This simple thing helped her relax and allowed her to go 2 feet further than she had jumped to that point in the competition.

My exerperience with my daughter caused me to review my personal experince with attitude toward jumping.  I had the best jumps when I was having fun and enjoying myself.  I realized that attituted could be the boom or bust in the triple jump.


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