Coaching Coaches…

Last weekend I did a clinic for the LA84 Foundation The clinic was for high school coaches who were beginners to the triple jump coaching experience. The people who attended were very excited and interested in getting the correct information to coach horizontal events. I worked with Cameron Gary, a former triple jumper, coach and outstanding student of the jumps.

Our presentation covered the basics of the horizontal jumps and, among other things, included the following: The four parts of the approach run, the takeoff, the hop, step and jump of the triple jump as well as the landing. Cameron focused on long jump and I did my best to teach the triple jump.

The following is my outline for those who are interested.

• The flat foot is the most basic skill that a jumper must learn.
• Emphasize the middle of the foot instep hitting the ground, not the heal first.
• Not a pawing action because that emphasizes the ball of the foot.
o Squish a bug
o Break a board
o Push a skateboard

• Four parts of the run
o Start
 Static
 Active
o Power or Momentum Phase
o Rhythm or Position Phase
o Attack Phase
• Ratios 50/25/25 or 50/30/20
• The Board
o Take off in Long Jump
o Leave the board in Triple Jump

• The hop is the second most important basic skill
• Emphasize pushing off and landing on flat surface
• Slowly work them to controlling the takeoff and the landing
• Standing leg pushes off; heel to butt; then thigh parallel to ground; then drive foot to ground (no flicking)
• Arm action is important
• Triple Jump
o Double-arm action
o Single-arm action
o Mixed arm action
• Spend time on walking drills

• Hop
• Step
• Jump
• Landing

The next clinic I will give will be held in Murrieta, California for the LA84 Foundation for Advanced coaches. I look forward to doing more detailed and controversial presentations for the coaches.

Should be fun!



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