Why Camps?

I have done many camps and clinics over the years and generally speaking, the most effective have been those that combined the teaching of basic skills with competition, drills, and fun.  One of my favorite camp programs has been the Simplot Camp in Pocatello, Idaho.  The camp is 3 days of extensive coaching, drilling and lots of fun for all the participants.

Camps are great for learning from experts but it is also important to compare your skills to other athletes of the same age and experience.  Camps provide a platform for improving performance and meeting new friends.  Be sure to ask questions and take as much information away from the camp as you can!

Like the Simplot Camps, the World Record Camps will feature great coaching, drills and fun.  Participants will be able to ask all there burning questions to the best coaches in their event.  I’m excited to have a chance to be a part of this new wave of challenging camps dedicated to the success of young athletes.

I hope to see you there!


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