Here’s a thought about Training…

Over the years of training and coaching I have picked up a fairly consistent training philosophy.  This philosophy helps me to develop incrimentally difficult programs tailored to specific athletes.  The basis of the program is the testing before, during and after significant training cycles.  Please see the presentation I did for a clinic I did in ’07 that will help you understand my process.  Please see the Prelude to Workouts for High School Athletes


2 Responses to “Here’s a thought about Training…”

  1. Peter C Says:

    Thanks Willie for the great clinic today (August 10) at the Senior Games. As a self-taught TJer who never did TJ until masters level competition, your drills and insights were very helpful. I look forward to improving my technique and performance based on your world class experience!

  2. Beige Says:

    Great post, you have pioetnd out some wonderful details , I as well think this s a very superb website.

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