World Championships 2009

On August 15, 2009 at 11am in Berlin, Germany the World Athletics Championship for the women’s triple jump will begin.  I am excited to see who will preform up to their capability and who will not.   I believe women are fast approaching the a new breakthrough in technique.  I look forward to seeing some especially good jumps from Cuba’s Savigne and Russia’s Alekhina.  Both jumpers have jumped over 15 meters but Savigne has been the most consistent.  Alekhina is rounding into form with a world best 15m14 in late July.

Where are the US competitors in this event?  Sadly, the US triple jumpers have not been able to put up a very good effort yet again…

On the men’s side, once again we will see the top men go head to head in a replay of the Olympic Games.  Evora will once again be in contention for the gold medal.  The Cuban athletes, Bentanzos, Copello and Girat are all within a few centimeters of each other and looking to move ahead of Evora.  Waiting in the wings is the Brit, Idowu figuring to be in the mix if he is healthy.

Once again, the US is not much of a threat in the men’s triple jump.  It is going to be a challenge to make the final if the Americans continue to jump the way they have been jumping lately.


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