Training Program

I’m thinking about writing a training program for masters athletes who want to train for the jumps.  I think it might be fun to help some of the older guys get better.  The problem is, someone might beat me if I give them my secrets…

3 Responses to “Training Program”

  1. John Says:

    Hi Willie

    Great idea! So far so good….two sessions and no pain (except my glutes which have been woken from a very long sleep!) I was at the Australian champs on the weekend (watching) which was won by a 20 year old with 16.63 and a 22 yo was 2nd with 16.53m. Fabrice Lapierre won the LJ with 8.78 (+3.1)……pretty fly for a white guy! Would love some feedback on what you think we old guys should and shouldnt be doing. I figure that its going to be pointless trying to fly down the runway again (I was over 10m/sec at the board in my day consistently) and that my best bet is to try and bounce my way to 14m. I’m going to have to manage my workload very carefully because my achilles tendons have had a tendency to flair since my late twenties and now I’m 44. Any feedback ?

  2. Willie Says:

    Thanks for your message. I understand your problem with achilles, I have the same problem. I am unable to do all the training that I did when I was younger but I am able to train smarter. I have been taking more rest. This leads to longer workouts but it also keeps me from getting injured. As we grow older we learn how to handle stress on the muscles differently. We are less elastic but our muscles seem thicker and capable of doing more. So, I take my time and I do things methodically. Any sudden deviation from this training always leads to my demise so I maintain a consistent and well rested training regimen. Remember, for all athletes, “rest is training”. Good luck!

  3. Nicole Says:


    I have been trying to find a triple jump camp/coach for my daughter. Any recommendations. We are in MD, but willing to travel. She is in high school and does not have any technique. She has been told my spectators that she has a nice second phase, but without any weight training or drills training, besides hoping up and down, she is stuck at 34.6, please advise. I would love to see if this is worth pursuing. She is a basketball player, cross-country runner, and runs the 200 and 400 meters.

    Thanks in advance for your response.

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