Sometimes Age is not So Bad!

Not a great landing...

Last weekend I went to the Senior Games in California and competed in 3 events.  This is the first time in 33 years that I have competed in 3 events, triple jump, long jump and high jump.  Surprisingly, I won all three events.  It was quite an experience for “Mr. Triple Jump” but loads of fun.  I am now qualified to compete next year in Houston at the National Senior Games…

The only question remains is whether I can improve my fitness so that I can be as victorious next year.  I will keep you informed of my training throughout the year.  It should be a fun year of training and competing.  I look forward to the challenges. 

Three victories!

Yesterday I was so sore I could hardly move.  My wife insisted I stretch to relieve the pain.  I was so tired and sore I reluctantly rejected her advice and curled up in bed.  Today, however, I went to the gym and road the stationary bike for 20 minutes, stretched and did lunges for 20 minutes and lifted weights for about 30 minutes.  I felt great afterards.  The unfortunate problem is I had to go home and work on the computer for 6 hours and now my legs feel heavy.  Oh well, I’ll shower and go to bed in hopes that everything will be back to normal tomorrow.


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