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It’s Just a HOP, SKIP & JUMP!

April 18, 2009

The triple jump has been my life for the last 36 years.  I have a lot of information and expertise in this event and I would like to share it with others.  I hope that I can build a following and help coaches and athletes learn how to be better triple jumpers.

It is sad when I see coaches teach the wrong skills to our young athletes.  It is worse when I see our elite athletes unable to surpass the the jumps that were barely making the finals 20 years ago!  I think it is crazy for a triple jumper to expect respect and praise if they can’t jump further than the 7th place finisher in the Olympic Trials in 1988 (Ray Kimble, 57′-6 1/4″, 17m53).  If the triple jump is ever going to regain its prowess as a sport in the US it will need some better athletes.

In the world the triple jump has come a long way.  In the past the TJ was owned by the US and Europeans.  Recently, many Caribbean and Central American athletes have started to make great strides in the sport.  I personally like the “new kids” because they are at least trying to bring their personality into the event.  I am tired of watching boring jumpers who don’t understand the event or who just have the audience clap for them and don’t even perform well.  It is embarrassing to watch the clapping that I brought to the event being used by rank “amatuers”.

Hopefully, there will be a revolution in the event that will bring back its glorious past!