Shoot me a TJ Pic!

Send me your best jump shot and I will post it on the website!!

11 Responses to “Shoot me a TJ Pic!”

  1. Brian Peterman Says:

    Hey Willie — great clinic you did in Seattle! I’ve tried sending my $15 check to you, c/o HSJ, Inc., P.O. Box 23055, Encinatas, CA 92023 (which is what I thought you wrote on the board) but it got returned. Then I used ‘’ (which is also what I thought you wrote on the board) and it got returned to my email. So I’m trying this! Could you let me know where to send the $15 for the TJ cd? Thanks, Willie.
    – Brian

  2. Ron brown Says:

    Hi Mr Banks,
    My daughter , courtney brown just attended your Ucla TJ camp dec 2010. We are interested in the training video we discussed. Please call or email to let me know how I can get a copy from you.
    Thank you, Ron Brown. 602 399-0930

    • Willie Banks Says:

      Sorry it took me so long to respond. If you are still interested you can send me a check for $20 to:

      Willie Banks
      HSJ, Inc.
      PO Box 230551
      Encinitas, CA 92023

      I will send it to you as soon as I get the check. Thank you for your initial interest.


  3. Jim Ratigan Says:

    Attended the LA84 clinic today. You were very informative and inspiring. I would like to purchase the DVD. How do I go about that?
    Thanks, Jim

    • Willie Banks Says:

      To purchase the dvd please send a check for $20 to the following:
      Willie Banks
      HSJ, Inc.
      PO Box 230551
      Encinitas, CA 92023

      Thank you very much,

  4. Walt Whitaker Says:

    Hello Mr. Banks!

    I am the Dad of Walt Whitaker IV. Walt is currently being coached by Jim Kiefer. Jim speaks often and very highly of you to my son and I. Coach Kiefer took a video of my son recently so I’ll just paste the youtube link here
    The Beach & Cal State Fullerton met with Walt, accepted him and made offers. What do you think of USC? Tell me what you think and what help you can offer if any! Thank you so much for being the best you could be! Walt

    • Willie Banks Says:

      Sorry for the late response. I think Walt has great potential and is lucky to have a coach who knows what he is doing. I am bias being from UCLA but I think USC is a good school. I like the program at Long Beach State. I don’t know much about Cal State Fullerton except my brother went there. He was not an athlete. I wish you and Walt the best of luck. Tell Walt to drive more with his thigh from the hop to the step and quicken the pace of his arms throughout the jump to maintain the velocity throughout all the phases. Say hello to Coach Kiefer for me! Willie

  5. Bernadette Says:

    Do you still coach triple jump clinics? I also see that you have a DVD, is it triple jump drills?

  6. Anna Cardenas Says:

    Dear Mr. Banks,
    I am currently a high school triple jumper who desperately wants to break my school record for girls jv triple jump: 32.8 ft. Right now I can jump a 30.3 ft, but I only have about 4 meets left, and I am curious on how to improve my jumps. What phase is the most important to get down? From your experience, what are the best drills I can do on my own to improve my jump by 3-4 ft? This would be very helpful!
    Thank You,
    Anna Cardenas

  7. Jones sabo why don't you consider combine that sign Says:

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  8. sachithanandan Says:

    Dear Sir,
    i am currently coaching two indian triple jumpers in india 19years girl she is doing 13 .01 mts and 19 year old boy who is doing 15.72,both won indian junior national champions i started my coaching as hobby and i am not a certified coach ,but i am a univercity champion in 1994 ,i want to put the athlets in your clinics kindly give the details about fees and formalities thanks &regards

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